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Schorch Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Suining City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of 30,000 square meters and a building area of 17,000 square meters. The enterprise introduces and absorbs the advanced production equipment and technology from Europe, and combines the enterprise's own advantages and characteristics to produce technologically advanced, stable and reliable high-voltage frequency conversion speed control devices, etc.

Schorch mainly provides customers with motor drive systems, automatic control systems and energy-saving technology transformation services and other overall technical solutions. Our products include high-power high-voltage frequency converters and low-voltage storage-variable integrated systems.

Schorch has passed the certification of TÜVISO9001, CE, IEC, etc., and has obtained the safety production license and the type test report of the National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Electric Control and Power Distribution Equipment. The company has been awarded the honor of National High-tech Enterprise, Specialized and Specialized New Enterprise and so on.

The Schorch has been engaged in R&D and production in the motor and drive industry for more than 140 years, with rich experience and numerous achievements,has a huge advantage especially in the field of ultra-high power motor and driving equipment, and is the manufacturer of the motors and frequency conversion drive control systems with super power rating in the world.

Schorch series motors and frequency conversion drive systems have been applied in many key projects in the word, and the technical level and stability have been in the international leading position. Based on the basic situation of the domestic market, our Company can adopt a variety of modes to cooperate with customers, including equipment sale and purchase, contract energy management, and upgrading of existing equipment.

Our company adheres to the "reputation first, service first, customer first" for the purpose of enterprise development, and provides more perfect energy-saving solutions for customers in different industries and regions, to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and boosting industrial upgrading.

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With a marketing network in many countries and regions, and many distributors and integrator partners all over the world, our mission is to provide better satisfactory service for our customers!

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The production base of Schorch Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Suining City, Sichuan Province. It adopts the advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques of Europe. The production technologies are advanced, stable and reliable.

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