Ultra clean \ Eco-friendly</br>Energy saving \ High efficiency
Ultra clean \ Eco-friendly
Energy saving \ High efficiency
Total low carbon solutions.
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Higher quality
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More than 140 years' R&D experience in drive and motor industry

The company was founded in October, 2019. It took more than one year to complete the infrastructure construction, and the first batch of more than 50 sets of medium and high frequency equipment were delivered on April, 22. The production base is located in Suining city, Sichuan Province, with advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques from Europe.

Schorch Electric Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R&D and production in the motor drive for many years, with rich experience and numerous achievements, has a huge advantage especially in the field of ultra-high power motor driving equipment, which have been applied in many major international projects. Its technical level and product stability has been in the leading position in the world.
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Advanced production technology Advanced production technology
Relying on its hundred years of history Relying on its hundred years of history
Professional project analysis and planning Professional project analysis and planning
Service 24 hours a day Service 24 hours a day
Schorch CH water cooled frequency converter
Water cooled frequency converter

Schorch CH water cooled frequency converter

The MV converter uses a unique soft charging technology to effectively eliminate excitation inrush current by pre-charging the capacitors in the converter power unit with the control power supply. There is no impact on the upper-level HV sw...
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Schorch CH air cooled frequency converter
Air cooled frequency converter

Schorch CH air cooled frequency converter

The converter changes the output frequency and voltage in real time according to the frequency and load conditions, with high dynamic performance, fast system response, wide speed regulation range, and good acceleration and deceleration per...
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Advantages of Schorch converter technology

  • Low voltage ride-through
    Low voltage ride-through

    The converter can start automatically and buffered by kinetic energy;

    The time is related to the specific load and has been verified by the third-party organization.

  • N+ level unit configuration mode
    N+ level unit configuration mode

    The current maximum can be increased to 16 levels;

    The stability of the MV converter has been improved for several times;

    It reduces the unit IGBT failures caused by high-frequency control greatly;

    It makes the stability of the equipment much higher than that of standard equipment.

  • Unit bypass function
    Unit bypass function

    Adopt neutral point drift control technology;

    Each phase supports up to 2 levels of bypass;

    It is recommended to use the same level of bypass abroad.

  • Fan redundancy function
    Fan redundancy function

    Fan status monitoring alarm.

    The converter can keep running with damaged fan.

    The converter can accurately locate the fault position of the fan.

  • Double converters in parallel
    Double converters in parallel

    Realize converter expansion;

    Realize hot standby of converters;

    Motors can keep operating with failure of single converter;

    Switched back to parallel operation without stopping after the faulty converter is restored.

  • High performance speedless vector control
    High performance speedless vector control

    It adopts the self-developed high-performance speed vector control mode without speed sensor;

    Large starting torque;

    Strong resistance to load fluctuation;

    High control accuracy and so on.

  • Mutual switching of industrial and frequency conversion
    Mutual switching of industrial and frequency conversion

    Realize the free switching from industrial frequency to frequency conversion;

    Self-adaptation and no impact in the process of synchronization;

    Support the synchronous grid connection and switchback control of VF and vector;

    Solve the problem of soft start and switch-back speed regulation of high-power motor.

  • Multi machine drive control
    Multi machine drive control

    ● Multi-machine master slave control;

    ● Power balance distribution;

    ● Applied to belt machine and other multi - machine linkage field.

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The production base of Schorch Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Suining City, Sichuan Province. It adopts the advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques of Europe. The production technologies are advanced, stable and reliable.

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