Air cooled frequency converter

Air cooled frequency converter

Schorch CH air cooled frequency converter

Overview: the capacity ranges of forced air-cooled converters are 250KVA - 15MVA. They adopt the modular assembly design and air-cooled method of the power unit, with features of high-power density and easy for maintenance and installation. They are suitable for LNG, wind tunnel, long-distance pipeline, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation, cement and other fields.
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  • The converter changes the output frequency and voltage in real time according to the frequency and load conditions, with high dynamic performance, fast system response, wide speed regulation range, and good acceleration and deceleration performance.

    It adopts contact screen for human-machine interaction, with friendly HMI, and adopts MCGS configuration software to communicate with the control machine, which can realize visual management of the system and enable users to monitor the operation and fault alarm conditions more intuitively. It supports network transmission and remote monitoring, and can be switched in multiple languages.

  • ItemsParameterSelection
    InputInput rated 3、3.3、6、6.6、10KV(*)
    Voltage fluctuation rangeRuns at full load with voltage fluctuation of ±10%
    Frequency variation range50Hz±10%
    Input power factor≥0.95(over 20% load)
    Input current harmonics≤5% meeting standards of IEEE519-1992 and GBT14549-93
    OutputOutput voltage range3、3.3、6、6.6、10KV(*)
    Max. output capacity30000KVA
    Output frequency range0-50Hz(*)
    Control modeMain circuit modeDirectly connected in series with HV converter
    Control modeVector control with/without speed sensor, V/F control
    Output frequency resolution0.01Hz
    Acceleration and deceleration time1-3000s(*)
    Overload capacity125% 60s
    Current limiting protection150%
    Converter efficiency>97% (including input transformer)
    Main control functions

    Patented function of power unit pre-charge, functions of efficient low-voltage speed regulation, flying   start, restart after instantaneous stop, main circuit bypass, high and low voltage ride-through, abnormal detection of unit waveform and converter output waveform, and remote diagnosis.

    Protection functions

    Overload, over current, abnormal output voltage (stop when deviation exceeds 30%), abnormal cooling fan, power failure detection, etc.

    Communication functionHard wiring(standard) Profibus-DP(*)、Modbus(*)、Ethernet(*)
    Earthling resistance≤4Ω
     Cabinet structureCabinet structureMade of steel plate, self-supporting locking
    Cabinet protection levelIp30(*)
    Seismic capacity (with base)According to the 7-level shockproof design
    Cooling methodForced air cooling
    Cabinet colorStandard RAL7035 light grey (*)
    EnvironmentTemperatureOperating temperature: -10~40℃, storage temperature: -20~60℃
    RHRH:≦ 95% (without condensation at 20℃)
    Groung acceleration0.1g(*)
    Setting placeIndoor, general environment without corrosive、flammable、explosive gas (*)

  • The capacity range of forced air-cooled converter is 250KVA-15MVA.

    The static speed control accuracy is usually 0.1% to 0.5% of the normal speed, which can meet the requirements of most industrial fields.

    DTC - Direct torque control.

    Open-loop torque step rise time is less than 10ms.

    The power unit adopts a film capacitor with a withstand voltage of 1200V, which does not need to be used in series.

The production base of Schorch Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Suining City, Sichuan Province. It adopts the advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques of Europe. The production technologies are advanced, stable and reliable.

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