Water cooled frequency converter

Water cooled frequency converter

Schorch CH water cooled frequency converter

Overview: the capacity ranges of high-power water-cooled converters are 7000KVA - 40MVA. They adopt the modular assembly design of the power unit and water-cooled method the power unit, with features of high power density and easy for maintenance and installation. They are suitable for LNG, wind tunnel, long-distance pipeline, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation, cement and other fields.
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  • The MV converter uses a unique soft charging technology to effectively eliminate excitation inrush current by pre-charging the capacitors in the converter power unit with the control power supply. There is no impact on the upper-level HV switch cabinet, and no impact on the DC capacitor in the power unit, which prolongs the service life and reliability of the capacitor.

  • Technical Data Sheet Of Schorch Products



    Cooling medium

    Pure water ethylene glycol

    Maximum allowable water supply

    5 bar

    Conductivity value of cooling water


    Water supply temperature


    Return water temperature


    Filtering accuracy of main circulation

    ≤3.5 bar

    Pressure loss of cooled device at rated

    200 μm

    Filtration accuracy of deionization

    10 μm

    Design pressure of water cooling

    10 bar



    Inlet water temperature


    Temperature difference between inlet and outlet



    Greater than water

    Inlet pressure

    3~10 bar

    Suspended matter

    ≤30 mg/L

    PH value



    15~30 PPM

  • Parallel design of dual waterway

    Reasonable waterway direction

    Using of MV power devices

    On-line plugging/unpluggingof water connections

    Secondary heat exchange mode

The production base of Schorch Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Suining City, Sichuan Province. It adopts the advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques of Europe. The production technologies are advanced, stable and reliable.

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