Labor Protection and Labor Safety Policy Statement of Schorch Electric Co. Ltd.

SchorchElectricCo.,Ltd.iscommitted to safeguarding the rights and interests of laborers, protecting their safety and health, and actively promoting sustainable development. As a responsible enterprise, we are firmly against any form of child labor and forced labor, and we are committed to the following principles and policies to ensure that laborers inside and outside the company enjoy proper protection and safety.

1. No child labor:

   We are firmly against any form of child labor, whether direct or indirect. We strictly adhere to the minimum working age standards for child labor set by the International Labor Organization (ILO) to ensure that our employees and the labor force in our supply chain are of legal working age as stipulated by law.

2. No forced labor:

   We respect the voluntary will and labor rights of each employee and never use any form of forced labor, including slave labor, forced labor or threats, intimidation, or deprivation of personal freedom. We recognize the autonomy of each employee, ensure their voluntary participation in work, and protect their rights and interests through fair employment contracts and labor relations.

3. Labor safety and health:

   We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment and preventing workplace accidents and occupational diseases. We will comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards and take necessary measures and investments to ensure the safety and health of our employees at work.

- We provide our employees with the necessary safety training and education to enhance their awareness of work risks and safe practices.

- We establish and comply with appropriate safety procedures and codes of practice, including accident reporting, emergency rescue plans and contingency plans.

- We conduct regular safety inspections and risk assessments to promptly eliminate potential hazards and safety risks in the workplace.

- We encourage employees to actively participate in safety management by providing reporting mechanisms and feedback channels to ensure that employees can anonymously report any safety issues or violations.

4. Supply Chain Management:

   We require our suppliers and partners to comply with the same labor protection and safety requirements. We will actively work with our suppliers to ensure that they are consistent with our policies on labor use, labor rights and safety.

5. Continuous Improvement:

   We regularly review and evaluate the effectiveness of our labor protection and labor safety policies and continuously improve our practices. We will actively listen to employee feedback and suggestions and work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that our policies and practices are consistent with best industry standards and international guidelines.

This Labor Protection and Labor Safety Policy Statement represents Schorch Electric commitment to employee welfare and social responsibility. Through strict enforcement and continuous improvement, we provide a safe, healthy and fair working environment for our employees and promote sustainable business development and social progress.

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